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Weight Management

Alpha Life Style Center originated in Windsor, Ontario in 1986. Since then people from all over the U.S have been coming to us seeking laser therapy services for Smoking Cessation, Weight, Pain and Stress Management. Alpha Life Style Center has been combining principals of ancient acupuncture with modern laser technology for over 20 years. We offer an advanced and alternative (non-medical) approach to lifestyle improvements using painless, noninvasive, laser (light) energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Laser energy is used to stimulate different body points (ears, face, hands, wrist, lower leg and foot).

This type of stimulation eliminates blockages in the natural energy flow and balances the energy in the body, enabling more efficient functioning of the body systems. These activities help to optimize/improve the metabolic rate. This stimulation also signals the brain to release feel-good neurochemicals that help to suppress the appetite and reduce unhealthy cravings/compulsions.

How long does it take?

The initial appointment is about an hour. This includes the laser therapy, nutritional and behavioral modification techniques, and supplementation instructions to enhance your results. Additional laser therapy sessions (“boosters”) are only about 20min.

How often should I return for a “booster?”

The effects of the laser are thought to be active for about 4-6 weeks. Some individuals will schedule boosters at shorter or longer intervals depending on their unique response to the treatment. It is recommended that if you return for boosters, you do not let too much time pass between laser treatments, so as to optimize the effects.

How many laser therapy treatments will I need?

Additional laser therapy treatments are available at a reduced cost. The number of treatments will depend on your goals, your commitment to lifestyle changes, and your response to laser stimulation. If you want lasting results with any program, you must implement lasting behavior changes. Customers use our program in a variety of ways. Some will return at recommended intervals until they reach their goals, while others only return when their old eating habits or compulsions/cravings return. Some will find that the initial session has motivated them sufficiently to continue personal behavior and nutritional changes. Still others use the program independent of other lifestyle changes because they are more resistant to making changes in their exercise/eating habits. In any case, Laser Therapy can accelerate your weight loss goals with just a single session.

Does it hurt?

Laser therapy is completely painless with no known negative side effects. Many customers report feeling relaxed after the treatment, but it is not necessary to have anyone accompany you to your appointment.

Is it guaranteed?

Laser therapy cannot physically keep you from putting the wrong foods in your mouth or make you exercise, we cannot guarantee your results. Our program is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to facilitate a smooth transition into a new, healthier lifestyle. Laser Therapy is also an aid for your body and brain; it allows them a more comfortable environment in which lifestyle changes to occur.

Is it covered by insurance?

Alpha Life Style Center is not a medical clinic. Our therapies are alternative. We do no process insurance claims. You should check with your carrier to determine potential reimbursement for your treatment. Our therapy may be considered a qualified expense for a Health Savings Account.


What an easy way to get your life back in order. After several treatments I really noticed a big difference in my body and attitude regarding food.
Bety Z

The laser treatment helped my metabolism and the conversation during the treatment sure gave me incite into what foods to eat together and what not.
Paul S.

My husband also thanks you for helping me feel better about myself. I look so much better because I have more muscle and less fat. What a relief…. no more obsessive thoughts about food!
Mauren R.

I have tried many times with many different diets. Since my first visits to Alpha Life Style Center, I have felt I would succeed, and I have. My whole attitude has changed. I have more energy than I have had in years.
Joyce S.

Now that I know the results that can be achieved by coming to Alpha, I will recommend it to everyone.
JoAnne M.

I don’t have the compulsions to clean my plate any more, or eat a half a gallon of ice cream for that matter! The guidelines for eating are easy to follow and I certainly don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I’m making great progress and telling everyone about you.
Vic K.

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