Special Offer for MRA Bar/Restaurant Proprietors, Staff & Customers!

It’s official.  Michigan has become the 38th state to ban smoking in bars and restaurants.

Smokers will be contemplating “kicking the habit” now more than ever, so we are excited about the opportunity to partner with our neighbors who are affected by the ban.

Alpha Life Style Center is Windsor’s original Laser Stop Smoking clinic and is now located in Birmingham, Michigan! The smoking ban is an opportunity for our business, but we also see it as an opportunity for your business as our Corporate Partner. We believe that teaming up with Alpha Life Style Center of Birmingham RIGHT NOW will positively impact your employee relations, customer loyalty AND your company image.

Call Alpha Life Style Center at 248-594-1303 to register as a Corporate Partner

Tell your employees who smoke that you’ve arranged for them to receive $75 OFF laser therapy at Alpha Life Style Center now thru Dec 31st if they want to quit. (Proof of employment is required)

Inform your customers that they qualify for $75 OFF laser therapy at Alpha Life Style Center now thru December 31st if they want to quit.

Do you have a company website?

Add an announcement and/or coupon to your homepage with a link to www.alphalaserinfo.com. See Attached Logo:  Alpha Life Style Center Logo

Do you have a FaceBook Page?

Have the administrator periodically post information (include a link to our website) about our partnership, or a member of our staff will be happy to make the posts as a fan/friend, if authorized to do so. You can also add Alpha Life Style Center of Birmingham as a “Favorites” page, as well as edit the page content to include this promotion.

Do you have an e-mail Fan Club/Newsletter?

Send an e-mail to your fans about the GREAT SAVINGS they can receive on our Smoking Cessation service. Direct them to mention (Business Name) when scheduling an appointment to receive a $75 discount.

  We look forward to hearing from you!

Call #248-594-1303 or toll-free 1-888-712-8882.

Suggested Verbiage For Businesses

“We hate to see our customers not be able to enjoy time at (business) the way they are accustomed to, so if you are considering quitting smoking, we have identified some discounted resources to support you!”

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” -Alexander Graham Bell