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Your Appointment
During your appointment you will be asked to complete some basic contact information as well as information specific to your weight/body image issues. You will then watch a video overview of our program explaining how laser therapy works and what to expect. The video will cover behavior modification and nutritional techniques as well as instructions for supplementation (optional) to accelerate results and promote healthy feelings. These “Tools for Success” (including a take-home CD) are designed to enhance your experience and improve long-term success.The laser treatment requires that you position yourself on a comfortable chaise lounge in a room with warm colors and calming sounds in the background. A technician will ask you to wear a pair of protective goggles and will also need access to your elbows, knees and feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Painless laser energy is used to stimulate different body points (ears, face, hands, wrists, knee and foot). This enhances the flow of energy in the body, thereby improving the metabolic rate. Laser stimulation also signals the brain to release feel-good neurochemicals that help to suppress the appetite and reduce unhealthy cravings and compulsive eating.

How many visits?
The number of laser sessions you return for will depend on: your goals, your commitment to healthy changes and your unique response to laser therapy. Some customers return for just the free follow-up treatment (booster), others at recommended intervals (monthly) and still others only periodically when cravings/compulsions return. In any case, Laser Therapy can accelerate your weight loss goals with just a single session.

What does it cost?
The regular price of our Laser Weight Control program is $295 which includes a complimentary follow-up treatment to accelerate your results and magnify the benefits of Laser Therapy.  Additional Laser Weight Control sessions (boosters) are available for $100. A package of 6 boosters can be purchased for $500.

Does it hurt?
No. You will only feel the gentle pressure of the laser probe against your skin.

Is it covered by insurance?
No. Alpha Life Style Center is not a medical clinic. Laser Therapy is alternative. Our program is a qualified expense for a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.

Is it guaranteed?
We cannot guarantee your results because we cannot control how well you adhere to our recommendations. Long-term results require long-term behavior changes. Our program is designed to support you throughout the transition to a healthier lifestyle, but it is up to you to want to be healthier.

What is the success rate?
We do not promote our program using a success rate. Federal regulations do not allow us to use the success rate established by the parent company in Windsor, Ontario. We rely on satisfied customers to promote our laser program to others.

Why should I choose Alpha Lifestyle Center of Birmingham?
Alpha has been offering laser programs for weight control since 1986. We pioneered this approach to weight management in North America. Similar programs everywhere have come and gone. The satisfaction of our customers and their referrals speak to the quality and sustainability of our program.