Smoking Cessation

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Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking
When you arrive at your laser quit smoking appointment you will be asked to complete basic contact information and information about your habit/addiction. You will then watch a video overview of our laser stop smoking program explaining how laser therapy works and what to expect. The video reviews strategies to help you cope with triggers, associations and habits. You will also receive instructions for supplementation (optional) to accelerate healing and promote healthy feelings. These “Tools for Success” (including a take-home CD) are designed to enhance your laser therapy experience and improve long-term success.

The laser treatment to quit smoking requires that you position yourself on a comfortable chaise lounge in a room with warm colors and calming sounds in the background. A technician will ask you to wear a pair of protective goggles. A total of 33 areas on the ears, face, hands and wrists will be stimulated, each for a total of 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Laser stimulation on the ears, face, hands and wrists simulates the calming effect of nicotine on the body to alleviate the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced when quitting smoking (irritability, anxiety, short-temper, inability to focus, depressed mood, sleeplessness). The effects of the laser smoking treatment are sustained throughout the physical withdrawal period (4-6 weeks).

How many visits?
Generally only a single, one-hour visit is necessary to quit smoking. You are encouraged to return for a free “booster” (available for 8 weeks) if unmanageable cravings or feelings surface. A booster will re-stimulate the release of the calming neurochemicals to keep you on course. A booster is only effective if you HAVE NOT smoked. One booster is included in your initial laser stop smoking session. Boosters are available at any time for a nominal fee.

What about chewing tobacco?
Laser therapy to quit smoking alleviates the discomfort of withdrawing from nicotine in ANY form. Individuals addicted to smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes and Nicotine Replacement Therapies (patches, gum, inhalers, lozenges) are also appropriates candidates for Laser Therapy.

What does it cost?
The regular price of Laser Therapy to quit smoking is $295.

What about weight gain?
Individuals who are concerned about weight gain when they quit smoking can add laser therapy for Weight Control. The “add-on” ($75) is a full laser weight control treatment designed to optimize the metabolic rate and suppress the appetite.

What if I relapse?
If you experience a setback by lighting up, another full laser smoking treatment is available at a reduced cost. However, customers are encouraged to return for a booster in order to avoid relapse altogether (see How many visits?)

What if I don’t “want” to quit?
We do not recommend making an investment in laser therapy to quit smoking unless you have a true desire to quit smoking. It is true that customers without a sincere commitment to quit have been hugely successful, but it is best that you are “ready” to quit before you come in for treatment.

Does it hurt?
The laser stop smoking treatment is completely painless with no known negative side effects. You won’t feel a thing during your treatment other than the gentle pressure of the laser probe against your skin.

Is it covered by insurance?
No. Alpha Life Style Center is not a medical clinic. Laser Therapy for nicotine addiction is alternative. Our program is a qualified expense for a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.

Is it guaranteed?
Due to the psychological nature of addiction we cannot guarantee your results with laser therapy. Our program is designed to support you throughout the transition to a healthier, nicotine-free lifestyle, but it is up to you to stay away from using nicotine. (see What if I relapse?)

What is the success rate?
We do not promote our program using a success rate. Federal regulations do not allow us to use the success rate established by the parent company in Windsor, Ontario. We rely on satisfied customers to promote our laser program to others.

Why should I choose Alpha Lifestyle Center of Birmingham?
Alpha has been offering laser programs to quit smoking since 1986. We pioneered this approach to quitting smoking in North America. Similar programs everywhere have come and gone. The satisfaction of our customers and their referrals speak to the quality and sustainability of our program.