Quitting smoking with supplements

June 18th, 2015

Our laser stop smoking program includes instructions for supplementation. Supplements are recommended to accelerate healing and enhance your experience with quitting smoking. It is not a ploy to get more of your money! The goal of our program is to alter the normal withdrawal period to make quitting smoking manageable. Supplementation is a part of that strategy.

Quitting is hard! One reason is that you don’t feel your risk of a heart attack, stroke or cancer declining. You know your health is improving, but it is not usually noticeable. And certainly not immediate.  Occasional moments of distress (physical or emotional) can sabotage your efforts to kick the habit, causing a relapse. The goal of our program is to reduce uncomfortable feelings and increase healthy feelings to keep you motivated.

Supplementation and detoxification can help you immediately notice healthy changes. An increase in energy, better sleep and the disappearance of that nagging cough after you quit smoking are just a few. When this happens, your feelings about quitting will be paired with positive experiences. Cold turkey is usually paired with feelings of suffering and compromise; a very negative experience.

Taking supplements is a personal decision, so they are not included in our laser stop smoking program. However, there is connection between individuals who follow our recommendations and those who report the greatest experience with quitting smoking. The laser technician will review the supplements and customize the recommendations, if appropriate. The vitamin therapy is another reason our program is different from traditional approaches to quitting smoking.

We have a “whole” approach to nicotine addiction. No two people are fighting the same battle. No two customers have the exact same appointment at Alpha Lifestyle Center. Our approach at Alpha Lifestyle Center includes strategies to address physical withdrawal, emotional withdrawal and detoxification. Combined, we offer a truly comprehensive approach to nicotine addiction.



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