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Nicotine Addition

Smoking Cessation

Alpha Life Style Center originated in Windsor, Ontario in 1986. Since then people from all over the U.S have been coming to us seeking laser therapy services for Smoking Cessation, Weight, Pain and Stress Management. Alpha Life Style Center has been combining principals of ancient acupuncture with modern laser technology for over 20 years. We offer an advanced and alternative (non-medical) approach to lifestyle improvements using painless, noninvasive, laser (light) energy.

Program Overview

Traditional smoking cessation programs have only addressed either the physical or psychological aspect of nicotine addiction, with very few taking into consideration detoxification. At Alpha Life Style Center we believe the answer to combating nicotine addiction is:

  1. Relieving the physical need for nicotine without the use of a drug
  2. Supporting an addiction-free lifestyle by implementing specific behavior modification techniques
  3. Supplementing the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and aid the body in repairing damage, expediting the entire “withdrawal” process.

If you’ve had difficulty quitting smoking in the past because of withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting cold turkey (irritability, anxiety, tension, nervousness, inability to focus, short-tempered) or side effects or a dependency on nicotine replacement therapies (patch, gum, inhalers) and drugs (wellbutrin, zyban, chantix), laser therapy can help!!

Benefits of Quitting

According to the American Cancer Society, these are the changes that take place in your body when you stop smoking.


  • Body temperature of feet and hands increase to normal
  • Pulse rate drops to normal rate
  • Blood pressure drops to normal


  • Pulse rate will slow and skin temperature increases
  • Oxygen level in blood increases to normal
  • Carbon Monoxide level in blood drops to normal


  • Chance of heart attack decreases due to improved cardiac function and circulation
  • Fine motor coordination will improve


  • Nerve endings start to regrow, therefore ability to smell and taste is enhanced


  • Bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier
  • Lung capacity increases


  • Circulation, stamina and walking improve


  • Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease
  • Cilla regrow in lungs increasing ability to reduce infection
  • Energy increases


  • Risk of heart disease decreases 90%
  • Heart will have returned to nearly normal condition

10 TO 15 YEARS

  • Risk of lung, tongue and throat cancer will be roughly the same as if you had never smoked.


How does it work?

Laser therapy stimulation (ears, face, hands and wrist) signals the release of feel-good neurochemicals at the level of the central nervous system, regulating the sudden changes in these neurochemicals that occur when you quit smoking. Laser therapy helps to minimize the physical/chemical effects of these changes.\

How long does it take?

The appointment is about an hour. Generally only one visit is necessary to quit smoking. Included in the cost of the appointment is a free booster. This is a modified treatment available within 8 weeks if unmanageable cravings or uncomfortable feelings surface, and provided the customer HAS NOT reintroduced nicotine to the body.

Does it hurt?

Laser therapy is completely painless with no known negative side effects. Many customers report feeling relaxed after the treatment, but it is not necessary to have anyone accompany you to your appointment.

Is it guaranteed?

Due to the psychological nature of addiction, we cannot guarantee your results. Only you can keep yourself from putting a cigarette in your mouth, but we are committed to doing what we can to ensure your success. If you should relapse, we offer a “re-do” price (the full therapy at a significantly reduced cost).

Is it covered by insurance?

Alpha Life Style Center is not a medical clinic. Our therapies are alternative. We do no process insurance claims. You should check with your carrier to determine potential reimbursement for your treatment. Our therapy may be considered a qualified expense for a Health Savings Account.

What about weight gain?

Many people concerned about the potential to gain weight when quitting smoking choose to “add-on” our Weight Management stimulation points. These points are designed to optimize the metabolic rate and suppress the appetite. There is an additional charge for this service, but it is significantly less as an “add-on” to your Smoking Cessation therapy vs. scheduling a Weight Management appointment.


I have enjoyed being a non-smoker very much. Thanks for all the encouragement. You made this much easier than I ever believed it could be. Thanks.
Matt R., Waterford, MI

I’m doing great. I’m so glad I found the laser therapy option. I don’t think I could have quit smoking without it. I tell everyone about it. It has been the best Christmas present to myself and my kids. Thanks again.
Sara H B., La Ke Odessa , MI

It has been 5 weeks of no smoking today! I feel great, my family is ecstatic & so is my body. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone that is serious about quitting. I smoked for 42 years & believe that the laser procedure and mindset work successfully hand in hand. Thank you!
Teresa L., Chesterfield TWP., Mi

Before Alpha I had tried everything. Smoking would not let me go. I had my last smoke 10 minutes before we met and have not touched one since. It has been 2 months. Alpha was the final straw to quitting. I am now a non-smoker and feel great!
Scott R., Dear Born, MI

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