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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Laser therapy medically approved?
A. This is a non medical procedure, but many medical doctors refer their patients for the Laser treatment. We use only CSA government laser units. In the United States, the government has approved low power laser for medical and healthcare professionals under special F.D.A. regulations.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Low power laser is entirely safe. It is not a surgical laser, but a bio-stimulation laser. We use the latest technology without needles, so it is totally painless. The session is performed by a certified laser technologist specifically trained in Low Power Laser Therapy.

Q. What is an IRB?
A. An IRB is a mandatory review process governed by the F.D.A. Specific qualifications and requirements must be met at State and Federal Levels. In the United States such procedures as offered by Alpha Lifestyle Center are considered to be investigational studies. Until they conclude the studies, anyone practicing low-level laser therapy must follow all State and Federal regulations to be FDA compliant. In Canada these regulations do not apply as they do in the United States.

Q. Who needs an IRB?
A. anyone practising in the United States must follow IRB and FDA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions - Nicotine

Q. How effective is it?
A. Due to the issues of the psychological side of the nicotine addiction

Quit Smoking Grossepoint

Have you been considering quitting smoking Grossepoint? Tired of the cravings, withdrawals, side effects of alternatives such as the nicotine patch? Today there are more reasons to quit smoking in Grossepoint than ever before. Laser Therapy can help.

, no one can force you to stop smoking or using any nicotine substance. However, we can assist to eliminate the physical withdrawal and cravings with the use of the Alpha Laser System, allowing you to become a non-smoker in the easiest way possible . Our technicians will provide you with special training to help you eliminate your emotional desire to smoke and some nutritional guidelines to help your body to detoxify itself quickly. Alpha Life Style Center offers you the most advanced program with a team determined to help you reach your goal.

Q. What does the treatment involve?
A. A low power laser is applied to specific points of the Central Nervous System. It is a safe and painless therapy designed to create a loss of nicotine craving. There are no negative side effects and in most cases there is an increased sense of well being.

Frequently Asked Questions – Weight Control

Q. How effective is it?
A. The benefits of Alpha weight control

Grossepint Weight Control

Weight loss requires a basic understanding of proper nutrition and exercise. Laser therapy in Grossepoint can help boost metabolism and promote more effective weight loss. Let our Registered Clinical Counselor in Grossepoint help you lose weight.

programs are well documented throughout the world as second to none in results. Although laser is not meant to replace eating right or exercise, it can be an excellent way to help target the body for the most effective fat loss.

Q. Is it Guaranteed?
A. Because of the issues of the physical and psychological elements of weight control, no guarantees can be made because both elements depend on a lifestyle change that only the client can make. We can promise you one of the most advanced and successful programs today. We use state-of-the-art technology to enhance the metabolism, and to help rid the body of fat at an accelerated rate. We also offer one of the most effective behavioral programs to ensure lasting results. Experienced laser technicians will help you reach your goal safely and effectively. At the Alpha Life Style Center, you are assured the very best.

Q. How many procedures will I need?
A. One session of laser will help raise the metabolic rate for four to six weeks, depending on the persons Central Nervous System. If someone only had ten pounds to lose, one session may be all that is needed. For those who have more to lose, we recommended scheduling a weight booster every four to six weeks to keep the metabolic rate raised. Weight boosters are available at a reduced rate.

Frequently Asked Questions – Stress Management

Q. How effective is it?
A. The Alpha Laser System is designed to assist you in achieving a relaxed state, laser is only a component of the stress management

Grossepoint Stress Management

  • Identify Source of Stress in Grossepoint
  • Ease Physical Tension and Anxiety
  • Increase Sense of Well Being Grossepoint
  • Manage Stress
  • Feel More Relaxed
program. A certified technician will go through a series of steps designed to help identify the cause of stress in your life and will help you identify how you may change your life to reduce these stresses. It is necessary to make lifestyle changes to insure lasting success.

Q. Is it Guaranteed?
A. Due to the issues of the psychological side of stress, no one can force you to make changes but we can help you ease physical tension and anxiety which makes it easier to make the life style changes necessary to manage stress.

Q. What does the treatment involve?
A. A low power laser is applied to specific points of the Central Nervous System. It is a safe and painless therapy designed to ease physical tension and anxiety. There are no negative side effects and in most cases there is an increased sense of well being.

Q. How many procedures will I need?
A. The amount of treatments depends upon the individual client. The technician will be able to assess the client and recommend an appointment schedule.

Grossepoint laser therapy clinic

Stop Smoking in Grossepoint with laser therapy

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