Alpha Life Style Center At Alpha Life Style Center, we guarantee that your every need will be taken care of by our friendly staff. Our highly trained laser technicians and therapists will also inform you of all necessary information about your treatment.

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The New World is a perpetually shrinking and enlightened place. The utility of information has opened the eyes and minds of people. Ulterior strategies to health care which address the body both as a physical and spiritual whole represent the new era in medical care. Conventional therapies addressing the dynamics of the inner vital force now work harmoniously alongside allopathic medicine. Distinctly, neither approach on its own is significant.

Alpha Life Style

Detroit Michigan & Grossepoint Stop Smoking

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Center is the melding of the age old use of acupuncture and the modern form of laser bound tightly together by the principle of caring, giving us one of the most advanced forms of therapy today. It is becoming the fore most line of attack in controlling addictions

Control Your Addictions With Laser Therapy Grossepoint

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  • Laser Therapy is a Drugless Therapy
, pain, stress and weight.

After two decades of use, low power lasers have been found to not have adverse side effects. Laser treatments are a painless form of therapy with rapid effect. The Alpha Lifestyle Center uses the exclusive Alpha Therapy Systems and our technicians have been certified by the Alpha Institute of Laser Therapy. Note: Laser therapy is not meant to replace medical care.

Tissue Stimulation using Low Power Laser

The treatment procedure is non-invasive and non-thermal. Usage is external over the tissue involved or a trigger or acupuncture points. No adverse effects or significant safety hazards have been found in conjunction with this form of therapy.

Grossepoint laser therapy clinic

Stop Smoking in Grossepoint with laser therapy

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